Athletic development

Honors Athletic Development is our new outdoor area designed to boost athleticism, speed, agility, explosiveness and core strength.  Our programs are ideal for all athletes, and our unique systems allow us to challenge pro athletes or help beginners alike!  Whether you are a baseball player, football player, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse player or simply want to improve your overall athleticism and/or conditioning levels - HONORS is just for you!  Click on the link above to view possibilities and book a session facilitated by one of our certified trainers today!!



Speed, Agility and Quickness Training 


Designed to increase an athletes' speed and quickness utilizing proven methodologies along with our unique systems. 

Core, Strength and Explosion Training 

This program is designed to improve balance, stability and an athletes' core muscles such as the abdominal and back muscle groups to make it easier to do physical activities and to increase explosive power.  


Looking for a way to help your child become more active during these times?  "Recess" is just for you.  In a fun yet challenging way this class is designed to make sure your athlete stays in shape - year road.  The focus is on conditioning, toning, and FUN!

Contact us to customize a program just for you! 

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